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Monday, January 30

ER, Spots, Brain Cells and Exponents

Tim has still not shown any Chicken Pox....we are wondering if he even has them. He has been nursing a massive headache since Friday with a fever off and on....but no spots. I called Telehealth last night because he was crying from the pain of his headache -- the nurse said it wasn't normal for a 5 year old to have one that bad and told me I should go into the ER. But the bitchy ER nurse laughed at me for bringing him in. The good news is that he is not allergic to Advil. Turns out it was Scarlet fever last year....(which is what I figured but the Doctor argued that he had an allergy). They gave him Advil last night for his headache - and we had to wait an hour to make sure there were no allergic symptoms. He was fine!

Today was also my first day of school - which I was dreading because of the test. I guess I haven't forgotten everything - I am in level 4 out of 5. Which means that I have to work on all the things I have forgotten. Today it was exponents. Oh yay....the excitment.

I really like the layout - I work on the Units at my own pace - ask the teacher if I need any help and then write the test on that unit when I feel ready. There are about 20 other people in the class but they are all working on seperate units and even different subjects.

And, as in any class room, there are always some interesting characters. The class jokester tried to help me by picking up a pen lid that I dropped and ended up almost knocking down the bookshelf and me in one swift jump over my chair. The last thing I wanted to do was stand out on my first day - but he took care of that for me quite well. Should be an interesting experience!


Anonymous said...

never a dull moment, eh jess? :) hope tim feels better soon and good luck with school, glad it's you and not me!

Jessi said...

no there haven't been many dull moments lately, ang....i'm feeling like you!

Anonymous said...

hey you have way more on your plate than me, two kids, that's nothing compared to what you have going on! i am very impressed with you! you're a STRONG woman, you should give yourself more credit, eh Garnet? :)
P.S. how is tim? ok?, no chicken pox? headache gone, hope so!!