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Sunday, January 1

One Last Christmas

We went to Papa Little's for one last Christmas Dinner before the Holidays are over. They got Tim a guitar -- which he absolutely loves!!! He was so tired from staying up until Midnight last night but he perked right up as soon as he saw the Guitar! So now he figures he's a rock star and sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" for everyone while he strummed away. (he definitely didn't inherit my shynesss!)

I tried a few strums myself but I think I've forgotten it all!!! Nathan, help -- I found the perfect sized guitar for my fingers...but now I forget how to play!! ;)

"I'm a Rock Star!"

Tuning it with Papa Little

Singing Rudolph for everybody....little entertainer!! Posted by Picasa

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Michelle said...

hey jess, i think he looks like a mini peter loewen here, huh! lol. but tim is cuter.. much, much cuter!