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Friday, February 24


I had an interview today for a Unit Helper position at the hospital. It is the position that I am volunteering in - and a job opening came up that was too good to refuse. It would be a really great opportunity for me - and I'm excited but trying not to get my hopes up because there are plenty more qualified people that applied.

Ang - I saw Dan, {the interview was on his floor}....but he looked busy and I was in another room. You can tell him he looks like he knows what he's doing though ;)

I'll keep you updated on the news -- even if it's bad news. I will find out early next week.


Anonymous said...

jess, that is awesome!! would you be working on his floor? that would be so cool!! if so, maybe he could put in a good word for you, he is very respected, and i think that gives him some pull, if you know what i mean! i don't want to say too much here, but maybe we could talk. good luck!

Jessi said...

that's sweet ang, yes -- we'll talk!!