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Wednesday, February 22

why do men get married?? so they can find the butter - of course!

I think marriage is one of the most complex relationships. No one has it figured out - but some thrive at it, some don't. One of the struggles these days is finding an even balance in the roles. It's no longer socially acceptable to have the typical roles that were the norm 50 years ago....but yet we get comfortable and the husband fills in certain jobs, while the wife fills in others. They differ from relationship to relationship, and there's nothing wrong as long as there is flexibility within those roles.

Right now - I'm struggling with the home improvements. I'm complaining that Garnet didn't get all these things done while we were living here - but then I'm wondering "Why didn't I just pick up the drywall mud and the paintbrush? Why didn't I get the screwdriver out and fix the handle?" In the new house there are a few projects that I am determined to tackle myself. I have a few walls of flowery wallpaper that will give me an aneurysm if I look at it too long. I'll keep you updated on those fun projects and we'll see if I should just leave it up to "the man of the house" :)

Last night I was grocery shopping and I came a across a cute conversation that reminded me that although sometimes women feel like they need a man to do certain things -- the men feel the same way. In the dairy isle a man is holding his cell phone with a confused and slightly frustrated look plastered across his face;

"Hon, you have butter written on the list....."

I assume the voice on the other end was his wfie or girlfriend and most likely was just as confused as to why he was calling about butter.

"Well, how come everything I see here says Margarine?!....all of it; 'margarine, margarine, margarine."

I had every intention of being the nice friendly helping neighbour - but as soon as we made eye contact and he gave this shrug of "yeah, like I'm supposed to be able to find butter - what is she thinking??" I started to laugh and pointed him about 3 steps to the left where the shelves upon shelves of butter was located.
He was thankful...and probably a little embarrassed.

I smiled to myself. As much as we piss eachother off, and shake our heads at the opposite sex.....and whether it's socially acceptable or not; we really need eachother.


Anonymous said...

and a sense of humour helps!!

wv: zolob

Anonymous said...

maybe it takes a few years...Dad got groceries again yesterday, and did very well...without a list or a cell phone...:)

Anonymous said...

the hard part is admitting that we "need" the other person! :) thanks for reminding us all that our relationships are normal and that it's not "just us". :)