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Friday, February 17

Our Home as of March 31st Posted by Picasa


the salmon said...

well, in my sleepy stupor, i decided to start a blog about word verification...check it out sometime, i'm beginning with this post.


for those wv's that i just have to share

Anonymous said...

congratulations!! we're so excited for you guys and that you'll be close to us!! can't wait to see it and your backyard!

the salmon said...

oops, sorry i was so rude last night---CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW PLACE :)

thats awesome. is it a townhome or duplex? how many bedrooms etc?

i hope your packing goes well.


wv unlserl

Jenni said...

Congratulations once again on your fourth move.. that seems right, right? Anywys, I am so excited that Tim has a back yard and not a cement pad. I can't wait to play catch with him, and have Garnet BBQ for us in the summer.
Hope all goes well, and call if you need anything.
Love Jenni

Jessi said...

well thank you girls, we're pretty excited too!
amanda, it's a 3 bedroom semi-detached. most of the other details are in my 'ramble' :)

jenni, we like to view our housing purchases as we do our vehicle purchases. 10 cars in 5 years......5 homes in 5 years....we thought we'd better get a move on it!! ;)....and you should know that I do all the BBQing!!!! (if we trusted garnet there wouldn't be any food left at meal time!!)

kelly said...

that is SOOOO exciting! congratulations!!!