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Friday, March 17

Scootering at Sunset!

Tim was sleeping over at his buddies house last night so Garnet and I took the opportunity to go over the Bridge and check out some american prices for the stuff that we *need* for the new house. (Lawnmower, shed, yard stuff etc)

And we came back with this....

Coming at ya!

That deserves one big thumbs up dude....

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Tim was on it for about 4 hours today -- only took breaks for the bathroom and meals.


Hilsy said...

wow!! looks like fun! :)
love you!!
p.s. did you guys actually come back with the things you 'needed'?? :)

Jessi said...

nope ;)

....in our defense - we were just 'looking' no use in buying it all now just to move it in 2 weeks.