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Tuesday, March 21


....in a sea of boxes Posted by Picasa

just in case you're wondering why I'm not blogging at my usual rate.....I'm trapped in the pile of boxes!!

A week and a half baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

we're so excited for you guys! if you need anything you'll just have to ask! if tim needs a friend to play with while you're moving or unpacking, call ok? i mean it! besides, she's been asking to have him over and her mother has been lazy! :)

kelly said...

oh gosh! our place is already starting to look like that, and we have like FIVE weeks to go!!! Of course, I can really only pack a box at a time, so that's why i started already. but isn't it exciting??? the anticipation of being in your new place??? yay!!!

Jessi said...

kelly - that's just ONE of our piles that we've had for about a month too....I'm lucky I have a very organized husband who starts early ;)

Ang, we might just take you up on that offer - tim would love it!! i'll call you!

Anonymous said...

just for the record, she asked
AGAIN today to see tim. she thinks that you're already moved into the new house. she said, "can i go to tim's since he lives right by me?" it was so cute. i said that maybe he would be over in the next week or so, so hopefully it works out. call me!!