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Wednesday, March 22

Sick and Twisted

Am I the only one who thinks that these reality shows are just getting way out of hand??? Survivor was one thing.....but now this?

In a world where millions are starving and orphaned and diseased - North America is trapping people underground in a twisted human experiment of greed. They bury these people in an underground mansion -- dangle 1.5 million in their face....until they can all decide on one person to have the money. Since when were we such a disgustingly shallow society to want to watch 9 people scream and tear each other apart over money?

And how many people could be fed, clothed and sheltered for 1.5 million?


vicki said...

You are right Hon...but you have compassion.It is not a natural trait to all humans.And feeding the poor is not entertaining. Hedonism is growing.

Wish I Had 1.5M said...

I'd do it for the cash.......its no different than any other reality show I've seen.

I don't see anything about starving people...


Besides, its the people who watch reality shows that are spawning these crazy ideas...and lets face it you and trillons of other people have watched a reality show (and liked it) at some point in time.

It seems worst to have shows like the Bachelor where someone's feelings will DEFINTELY get hurt, than a show focused around the delegation of money.

vicki said...

and a hedonistic blogger found yours!

Anonymous said...


Jessi said...

yes mom.....but you should know that 'hedonistic blogger' is your son-in-law trying to be funny.

isn't he just so lovable...;)

vicki said...

So he loves to prove me right? ..or get me going?

Jessi said...

he loves to get anyone going that he can.....especially you ;)

www.showmethemoney.com said...

...get you going of course.....I would NEVER set out to prove you right...are you kidding me?!