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Monday, March 6

Strep Hell

Tim and I have been lethargic couch potatoes since Hillary and Anne left. Not by choice (they didn't wear us out that bad!) --but rather by a bug known as Strep Throat. Tim's is also showing up as Scarlet Fever. I don't think I've been this sick in the last 5 years!! I've had a tonne of sicknesses growing up - from Bronchitis to Pneumonia, Ear Infections to Mono.....but this one kills. I haven't eaten since Friday -- I'm starving. But everything hurts so much going down I'd rather have a growling stomach. My glands are so swollen in my neck that I can't move my head. We finally went into Emerg yesterday and got some drugs....so hopefully it will be cleared up soon!

Until then -- I'll be on the couch.......


Michelle said...

:( sorry to hear you guys are feeling sick. kaeden has a bit of a fever today (but otherwise feeling/acting okay), and i'm hoping it's not going to develop into anything else. the stomach flu is going around the kindergarten classes at kaeden's school :(

strep throat seems to be kurt's sickness of choice.. whenever he's sick, it's strep. so painful!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Wish i could bring you some gingerale and ice cream.
xo xo Mom

Jenni said...

Jessica, I had strep a few weeks ago and missed 3 days of work. That's not like me to miss work, Don't you just wanna curl up and die? That's how I felt. Hope you and Time are on the road to recovery

Jessi said...

poor kurt, michelle -- i hope i never get this again!...EVER.

don't worry, mom -- my little men took good care of me :)

yes jenni, that's exactly how i felt....this has to be one of the worst pains....and i've even given birth!!
luckily it's monday night and i just had my first meal tonight -- yay i can swallow again!!

Anonymous said...

hey jess, hope you guys feel better soon! being sick just plain sucks!!!! alicia is sick, and ethan is fighting something. (you just never know with him because he's cutting teeth.) i have been lucky so far and haven't had anything to major yet this year, knock on wood, i'm sure my day is coming! feel better soon!