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Monday, March 6


I don't usually watch awards show -- I usually channel hop between a few other shows, just to say that I actually watched it. Last night, because I was so sick and holding the remote was actually painful...I ended up watching most of the Oscars. I was really happy because Reese Witherspoon has to be one of my favorites -- and I ended up almost crying. I've always liked her but I didn't love her until I saw her on Oprah and she just seemed so much more down to earth. Talking about her marriage and kids and then this quote;
"It's a new movement among young women that it's cute to be dumb. I have a little girl, and when I see her looking at those [starlets] who … are pretending to be dumb, I think that's [terrible]. Our mothers and our grandmothers and the women that came before us fought so hard to overcome the stereotype of women being not smart enough to vote, not smart enough to [receive] higher education, to have great jobs. And to single-handedly go out in a very public way and say, 'You know what, I don't really care about what they achieved. I'm just going be stupid and that's cute.' I don't think it's a good message for young women."

And I was jumping up and down (in my head of course because I haven't been able to move off the couch except to get more painkillers) when CRASH won! I loved, loved, loved that movie. I think I cried for days afterwards whenever I thought about it.


Michelle said...

i completely agree with reese witherspoon's comments! i don't like girls pretending to be dumb!

Jake said...

yeah I was happy to see that crash won also. I thought it was one of the best movies up for best picture
granted I didn't see some of the others but for a small independant to win it gives me inspiration for the future

Jessi said...

wow...we actually agree on something, jake?? this has to be an historical moment or something....