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Wednesday, March 1

Why not to trust the Forsyth Sisters with a quiet afternoon.....and a camera :)

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Under the Bridge

My Lil Sis

New Outfits....


Too much time....and a camera

Too much time, new clothes, a tripod....and a camera :) Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately - the camera didn't catch us colliding in mid-air and landing on the floor in a giggling heap......


Anonymous said...

You girls are gorgeous!!!!...CRAZY and GORGEOUS!!
XO Mom

Michelle said...

you girls certainly are crazy! didn't we used to refer to certain crazy acting people as "oscar" once? or is my soon to be 30 memory already starting to fail me???

Jessi said...

yes, i vaguely remember that oscar thing too --- was it for crazy people or confused-looking people though?

-Amy- said...

Jess! Your blog is awesome! It made my day today to see your pictures! Hope you're doing well! :)

Jessi said...

thank you amy!