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Saturday, May 20

The Little Garden that could

I finished the rest of my Garden today -- since it was the first sun we've seen in weeks!! I hadn't really put a good shot of it up since my mom was here...but she's the miracle worker of most of it. Since then it has survived constant downpours, major hail and thunderstorms....and stupid men with big feet and chainsaws -- so I'd say it's doing pretty good!!

It looks sparce and empty right now -- I feel like I should put more in....but I know I just need to wait for it to fill in. I'm not a gardener naturally like my mom is -- but I'm learning the art of it slowly. I actually found it therapeutic today -- which is a first!

Mums that Tim picked out for me and planted and new Impatiens

I need to fill the corner....but everything else is set.

My big rock that I fought to keep ;)....and my Astilbe is doing wonderfully ---even if I planted it backwards, mom ;)

My Platycodon (balloon flowers) behind the rocks are doing great from planting the root about a month ago. My transplanted sunflowers, Osteopermums, Columbines and more Impatiens.

The full view.....and now, I wait.
(which is ssooo easy for me to do...... patience is not this chic's virtue :) Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

gardening is an exercise in patience...you are learning. Your garden looks beautiful,Hon...you are doing a great job!! xo

vicki said...

BTW...I forgot to thank Garnet for letting this old lady work in the garden!! ;)Jess...everyone is going to be wondering how you can put a plant in backwards...lol...xo

Jessi said...

thanks mom.....i'm learning from the best ;)

vicki said...

about backward plants..???