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Tuesday, May 16

Tim's Meal

Tim decided to do his meal for Mother's Day!!! That made it extra special! Then, he wrote a book all about it -- (pictures of that when he gets it back from the teacher -- she absolutley loved it!!) He and Garnet worked so hard and even spoiled me with a Bouquet from our garden! He is such a sweety!!

Carefully cutting

Plate of Tomatoes

BBQ time!

Ripping some lettuce

Eating some lettuce....

All done ---ready to eat!! (notice the bouquet that he picked for the table from our garden!!) Posted by Picasa

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Jenni said...

What a spoiled girl you are. Happy Mother's Day Jessica. Other than my own mom, I dont know any other mom so wonderful. Tim and Garnet are very lucky to have you in their lives.
How was the bbq?
Tim, you looked so grown up cooking for mommy. Fantastic job hun, keep up the good work!!
And the flowers are beautiful!
Love Auntie Jenni