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Sunday, June 25

Emily and the boys come for a visit!

Emily and Ben

Trampoline fun!

Zachary and Tim loving the pool fun!!

Ben styling in the goggles :)

Sebastian being the happiest baby on earth!!

(He would have to be a happy baby for Garnet to hold him ;)

Tim loving the Sebastian cuddles

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Emily came with Zachary, Ben and Sebastian for the weekend - we had a blast! I am in awe of Emily everyday. Even though our visits are usually short, busy and never seem to be long enough to barely catch up....I am refreshed and renewed and so thankful for our friendship everytime that I see her. Not only do I think it takes an amazing person to put up with my husband, tell him like it is and listen to all his stories ;) ---I also think it takes a phenomenal person to raise 3 boys under 3. But the fact that she can raise 3 happy, well behaved, polite and loveable boys seems like a miracle! Garnet and I are still talking about what an amazing mother she is - and how GOOD her boys are!!

The friendship seems to strengthen through the years and miles, through the ups and many downs of life -- we know and love eachother even more. I know it will be a while before we can sit down over a cup of coffee and talk without interruptions or sleepy eye lids.....but my life just always seems to be better with her in it. I love you, Em.....


vicki said...

Cuties!!!Looks like a great time...lot's of energy!!!Well...Garnet doesn't look very energetic tho...

Jessi said...

Garnet was awesome with the house being full of kids! I was quite impressed actually -- (he just didn't want his picture taken)