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Wednesday, June 21

Oh.....I'm one of THOSE people

That's what I thought to myself at 5:30 this morning while I was standing outside, half dressed in the pouring rain.....saying "Go Pee!!" in an up beat happy cheer.

Growing up in the country, we always had 'pets'. But our dogs would run free and were never housebroken or indoors. I had 7 bunnies all named Murphy out in the barn and I took a chance with a few kittens called Kathryn (what can I say, I don't enjoy change) despite deathly allergies to both. But I never had to hold a cheering squad for pees and poops for any of them! I am quite new to the concept of snuggling on the couch with a furball and loving the cute grins and attention getting tactics they play. I never quite understood those people that had a dog as part of their family. The Cameron's even sign Bailey's name to Christmas and Birthday cards, this was so bizarre to me.

But someone is sneaking into my heart rather quickly with his cute little floppy ears and big fluffy paws. And for someone who has to wear a bra to even run out to get the mail - I wondered what was happening to me God awfully early this morning standing in my nighty shivering in the rain -- without a care who saw me. Acting like he had just found a cure for cancer when I'm celebrating what he just left for me to clean up, getting excited about finding scented poop bags! Garnet calling me at work to tell me that Sammy had made it all the way up the stairs!!!

We're becoming those people...... :)


Anonymous said...

you will officially be one of "those" people if you sign Sammy's name to cards. do you forsee this happening? i would like to say that i am very impressed to see this whole situation unfolding. i never would have guessed it. i mean, with garnet being so "set in his ways" about things, amazing. (i say that with much love garnet!) i can't believe he is allowing dog hair on everything and poop in his yard. oh, just wait till the day he steps in it! please blog about that! although that may never happen because your husband is disciplined enough to follow sammy around and clean up after him. (i would be the one stepping in my dog's poop!) i am so happy for you guys! i can't wait to meet sammy! he is a little darling and will be excellent companionship for tim!! Congratulations Little family!

vicki said...

Farm life didn't prepare you for this ,eh Hon?I'm glad that you are enjoying the Little cutie...mothering gives you a special kind of patience and endurance for new adventures and change, plus you are so naturally nurturing.
xo Mom
p.s. word verification wxpgpaw

Anonymous said...

WOOF WOOF, The Cameron's on't sign my name on the cards.. I do, WOOF WOOF, and I can even type on the computer.. WOOF WOOF.. I can't wait to meet you Sammy.. Any friend of TIMOTHY'S is a friend of mine...