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Tuesday, July 18

Bonding with the neighbours...and toilets

I wish I could say that these two subjects were completely unrelated....but yeah, not so much.

I was lucky that I went to the bathroom at a friends house just before we got home this afternoon - because we arrived to Garnet with his head in the hole on the floor and the toilet laying off to the side of our bathroom. We knew that there were previous leaks but thought that they were all repaired. Apparently, they were -- by one of those "half-ass-it" types of people. So we are left with some repercussions. It's nothing too serious - in fact the toilet is all reattached and Garnet's head is removed from the hole as I'm writing this. It just means that our bathroom renovations have moved up on the list. (YAY!)

I was able to hold it all afternoon - but Tim had to run across the street to borrow the facilities. One of Garnet's co-workers lives almost directly across from us and they are a great family who we have really appreciated getting to know, and having for neighbours. They have 3 boys, one of whom is having a sleepover here tonight. Mom works nights and Dad is gone on a road trip out West with the other two -- so instead of spending the nights by himself he gets to hang out with Tim. He's the same age as Uncle Josh and dotes on Tim just as much as Josh does -- so Tim loves it. He even sits and listens to him talk about fans....forever.

So, they were more than happy to share their toilet with Tim.....it's such a nice change to have decent people as neighbours. Not that I have anything against drug dealers and pot smokers.....I'm just not sure if I'd let my son use their toilet.

Alright - I've said toilet enough for one day, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Up here we just run out back to see Mrs. Murphy....lucky you!!