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Wednesday, July 19

Crazy Boys!!

Going as high as Daddy can throw him!!

This one looks cool through the water splashes on the camersa from the first jump....he was begging "Higher, Dad!!"

Garnet showing off his Trampoline skills....more to come in the videos (he's such a bad influence on our son...tsk, tsk ;)


Jenni said...

I'm going to be just as bad as influence as his daddy.. can we jump from trampolene to pool?? can we please, pretty please...??

Can the Cameron's bring their suits on Sunday? We have to show off our matching suits Jess..
Can't wait to see everyone, miss you all so much!!

Jessi said...

Of course you're bringing your bathing suits!!! (and Garnet claimed that the videos were the last time they were being daredevils - but you can try it once too - it's only fair right?)