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Monday, July 31

The difference between 14 and 6.

The shirt says it all....the hair is just for effect. Posted by Picasa

Josh was 6 years old when Garnet and I started dating.
I don't remember a whole lot about him at that age, except he was very jealous when we wanted to go for a walk -- alone. Now, my son is 6 and my 'little' brother is 14....I feel old.

Our friends asked Josh and Tim to go to a water park the other day. With water slides and bumper boats and mini putt. Josh was too cool to go - so we stayed home. Our friends came back and said "You know, Josh made a mistake - he missed out on all the bikinis in Sarnia!"

When I relayed this message to Josh, Tim gave me the "mom-you-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about" stance and cocked his head to the side.....

"Mom, you mean Zucchinis......ZOO-KEE-NEES." Shook his head like I was really wasting his time with my mistake, and looked at Josh trying to get some support;

"But, do you even like Zucchini Josh?"

Just one more reason why I want him to stay 6 forever!

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Hilsy said...

classic Tim!! thats hilarious!!!...gotta love those zucchinis eh Josh!?