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Wednesday, August 16

The Birthday Cake!

Working hard!

Awwwww!!! He did such a good job - Garnet loved it! Posted by Picasa

When I asked Garnet what he was going to do for his birthday - he said he was going to relax and do nothing! Of course that means; "rip out the shower and replace the head and a few pipes, might as well sauder a few more and fix the shut off valve in the basement while I'm at it too".....So I don't know how relaxing his birthday was especially because he had to go in to work midnights - on 1 hour of sleep after all that! That's Garnet ;)

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Shit, I know what we could have gotten him for his birthday


HAHA.. The cake looked so delicious Timothy.. Can you make mine for my birthday??

Love you