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Monday, August 21

It's all her fault!!

See what happens....Hillary moves in and I become a slacker blogger just like her. It's scary - I can't even begin to imagine what a horrible influence she is going to have on me.

I'm such a bad liar.

Actually, we've just been having too much fun around here to sit down and type.

Yeah, that's a lie too. I've just been lazy.

I've had a few more shifts at my new job - I'm still loving it. I've made a few goofs at the cash, just when cute customers come in- but everyone is being very patient with me. I'm really excited to be in biking distance because I've always wanted to bike to work - but was never able to because I had a Tim-Tag-A-Long.
Garnet is doing well getting into the "Dad at home while Mom is working" --- he called me at work to ask where the rice was.....and I had to explain to my co-workers that this was all new to him. But I came home to a yummy plate waiting in the fridge for me. My friend said I should have done this years ago -- since domesticity is not one of Garnet's strengths.

I wrote the best letter of my life to my former employment; "Please accept this as my 2 weeks notice of resignation, I can't wait to get out of here, screw you all, oh and one more thing (as she flips the bird)....."
I used to be scared to write bad things on here about that place - (see Dooce link on the side she lost her job because of her blog) but now I really don't care. Ang, you got out at the right time!! I have 7 works days left. Hallelujah!!

I have more interesting things to write about - our 6 year anniversary is coming up....and we're supposed to be doing some more fun things before summer is over....I'll try not to be so lazy.

xo J


Jenni said...

Hello stranger, thought you vanished and forgot to say good bye.. holy I have been updating my blog more than you.. CRAZY

Where are you working? I have no idea!

Anyways, keep up the blogging, there is no excuse to not blog..

love ya

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that everything is working out good for you. i am curious where you are working though. maybe i shop there? and as for the 'other job', yah, i saw what was about to happen and i don't handle conflict very well so sometimes it's just better to get when you're ahead. i'm glad you are able to get out and get on with a new chapter of your life! congrats!!!!

vicki said...

I was beginning to wonder...now can you Hilsy to blog??
Great about the job,Hon!

vicki said...