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Wednesday, August 30


I have been holding off stripping the wall paper off the kitchen -- as much as I despised it, and wanted to puke everytime I looked at it. I learned (from stripping the horrid paper off the hallway and finding a huge hole in the wall) that you don't know what the wall paper is hiding until it's ripped off and anything hidden is extremely exposed. We can't do every project that I want in the house -- I wish we could just do every room and make it as beautiful as I want it. It's especially frustrating because we did so much in the condo - the kitchen, the entrance, the beautiful basement rec room......and now we are starting all over again.

So I couldn't hold off any longer. Garnet did some adjustments and moved the fridge and the stove so that the kitchen now looks a lot more open that it did. With the kitchen already ripped apart I thought - what the heck? Might as well strip it off now........



Now, instead of gross, floral, yuck -- I'm stuck with holes, scrapes and someone's love for all colors in the pepto bismol range. Garnet says he'll have it patched and atleast primed within the month......but there's so much left to do in the kitchen (besides the walls) that it's not worth painting it and totally finishing it right now.
I had these friends that everytime they bought a new house - they built it. At the time I thought it was insane! Now, I'm beginning to see why.


vicki said...

It really is hard to wait ,Hon. but you are spending time and money on fun things and that is more valuable to your 'home' and family than the colour of the kitchen.Our farm house wasn't too fancy, but when I think back I think we spent too much time fixing it up, instead of having fun.Hope you have lot's of fun at Wonderland!!

Michelle said...

it is hard to wait! i feel like we're finally getting somewhere with all the projects we want to do in our house (mind you, it's taken 3 yrs!), but everyday, i look at my kitchen and wish i had the time and money to do something about it.. hopefully soon!

there will always be more to do though!

kelly said...

i'm the same way - we have so much to do here (mostly to build our basement suite), but i can't do anything at this stage. glad you did it. at least now you have the ball rolling :)