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Saturday, September 2


My last day at the Y was a reminder of the things I did love about that job; the relationships that I had developed with so many of the moms and kids! They showered me with flowers and cards and hugs....I even got a cake!
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Anonymous said...

i am so happy to hear that! you deserve to be recognized for the dedication and hardwork you put into caring for their children everyday. i am glad that they showed their appreciation. i applaud you jess!! you were/are definately able to handle situations i couldn't! congrats on a job well done! do i hear an amen from anyone?

vicki said...

AMEN!!Even tho Ang knew first hand what it is like there,I do know Jess that because of your soft spot for kids,and your sweet, sensitive way with kids...those parents will miss you!Beautiful flowers!!
xo Mom