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Thursday, September 7

Grade 1

Tim LOVES grade 1 -- and guess what? "We don't have to do tests everyday, Mom!"

The "I'm so cool - I'm in grade 1 now" look

The shirt says it all ;) Posted by Picasa

Aunt Hillary picked out this special shirt. The new era of me working on the weekends brought a new experience: Daddy, Tim and Aunt Hillary got to go school clothes shopping in the states - while I worked. Don't worry, I'm still enjoying the job - and not regretting it at all.....and I think they did quite well, although you can't really go wrong at Old Navy. I just love shopping and was a little sad that I missed it ;(

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vicki said...

Way to go Tim!!You will have a great time in grade 1...Mom is already making movies about you!!!And you are quite famous and popular up here already!!
xoxoxo Gramma Vicki