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Saturday, November 4

The reason I dropped OAC Chemistry the first time......

Determine the molecular formula of ethylene glycol. It is a compound containing 38.70% carbon, 9.74% hydrogen and the remainder is oxygen by mass. Its molar mass is known to be 62 g/mol.

and just for fun;
Molton Iron and Carbon Monoxide are produced in a blast furnace by the reaction of iron(III) Oxide and Coke (pure carbon). If 25.0 Kilograms of pure Fe2O3 is used, how many kilograms of iron can be produced?

Oh yeah, and a side note for Jess; while your determining that, because we all know how handy that knowledge will be in life, you should stop banging your head against the wall asking yourself why the hell you're doing this again...


Anonymous said...

because Jess...you are an amazing woman, wife and mother who is doing something that she knows will eventually better the lives of those around her and to whom she cares for the greatest.

vicki said...

Ditto for what Ang said so well...and all that purple piffle isn't as important as exercising that beautiful brain, and keeping you focus on your plans and dreams! hang in there, Hon.
love ya!Mom
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Jessi said...

yeah, yeah, yeah girls.....i know. but this little brain of mine has been out of practice for so long -- and I'm more a biology girl than chemistry - i just needed to vent a little.
thank you.... ;)