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Wednesday, November 15

This started out as a comment in response to Ang's comment in my previous post.......

.......but because I've had a few other challenging questions - I decided it wouldn't hurt to clear up my point a little more.

No offence taken Ang, I wouldn't write about these subjects unless I was prepared to be challenged and hear different views. What you said was my biggest point -- it IS our decision, it's our body, that’s why I don't understand why we are being FORCED to take it.

Yes, I have had Tim immunized with all of the mandatory shots. I have not had him immunized against Chicken pox or any of the other optional choices. I chose to vaccinate him for no other reason than the fact that I was not educated enough to stand up against it - and because I am scared of these deadly diseases.

My point is not that these vaccinations AREN'T doing what they are supposed to (ie. protecting against deadly disease) my point is that we aren't sure, and enough research isn't being done about what they ARE doing that they didn't expect (ie. like this new link to nervous system diseases, Autism, Alzheimers, Paralyzation etc.)

We as a society are too quick to jump on the bandwagons and trust that medicine has come so far -- and trust that what they are pushing at us is truly beneficial.

The amount of Mercury in Thermisol (Thermisol is a preservative) in vaccines exceeded federal health guidelines -- even after this was known they continue to use it. There is something wrong when they are willing to jeopardize life for the sake of stopping a cough. Where are the priorities? I am not completely 100% against vaccines or even the flu shot -- I believe that they do serve a purpose. I just think that in 20 years, or 50 years we are going to be finding out that the benefits DID NOT outweigh the negative effects when they used us as lab rats to find the perfect mixture.

Why are they not doing major campaigns about washing hands, eating more fresh fruit and veggies, and talking about ways to protect our immune systems -- instead of weaken it more? We are soon going to have completely defenseless bodies that can't fight anything off by ourselves -- and we'll be finding out that the stuff they are injecting us with was far more detrimental than the common flu. Even the Chicken Pox vaccine has not been around long enough to see the long terms effects – they aren’t even sure how long you are protected for. This means that even vaccinated children may get the Chicken Pox in adulthood – which can be very dangerous and even deadly. They are finding cases where even vaccinated children get a very severe case of Chicken Pox.

You even mentioned yourself about how people abuse their drugs -- 20 years ago Doctors thought that antibiotics were the wonder drug. Prescribing them left and right and watching the common illnesses vanish in days.....and people trusted that this was the right thing to do. Then all of a sudden the super bugs started attacking and the Doctors say "Oh shit, guess we should have thought this one through before we over prescribed them."

An outbreak of the common flu can be deadly in nursing homes and for people with chronic conditions. I agree that they should be vaccinated. I do not believe that it should be pushed onto the healthy public as though it’s a necessity. I believe this is a fallacy fabricated by people with hidden agendas, feeding on society's fear of death.


the salmon said...

i too am very uncomfortable with the flu shot and am thankful that my doctor supports us and even mentioned that he does not vaccinate his kids (except in the case when his wife had cancer).

my doctor also recommended that we not vaccinate diedre for chicken pox (yet) as a girl because if it runs out in 20 years and then she gets pregnant a few years later or whatever, and gets it, it could be very harmful. rather, it would be good for her to get it the old fashioned way.

nothing wrong with questioning authority in my opinion :D

and i'm sorry they're going to make you take it...thats really lame.

Michelle said...

very interesting post, jess.

so, if you knew then what you know now, would you give tim the usual vaccinations (MMR, DTaP, etc?). does garnet share your views?

hey, my motto is "Question Authority"! ;)

Jessi said...

Good question Michelle.
Honestly, I don't know. Like I said - I do believe that Immunizations work and do what they are supposed to do, I just don't think we need them for less serious illnesses, and should limit the amount that we are giving our children.
The ones that have been around for 50+ years like the ones you mentioned have been proven effective. The problem is that there are still serious side effects and death from them.

I am very thankful that Tim was fine from all his shots - and I feel for those parents that are having to deal with kids that had negative reactions.

I still don't feel educated enough to stand up against the school system (because he wouldn't be allowed to go to school)so I would probably still give them to him.

But deep down I think that we are prepping our kids for the next big disease to come through and wipe out because their immune systems couldn't handle anything stronger than a cold.

Jessi said...

And, I wouldn't say that Garnet shares my views (he isn't as passionate about this as I am) but he is very supportive of me and his view is simply that "Time is Money": the whole reason that the Flu shot is being pushed is to cut down on the time of work taken off during the Flu season. It costs emplyers and employees. Everyone is too afraid to lose a day of work. Which is ridiculous.

And Amanda - I wish I had your Doctor. One that honest and open minded is hard to come by!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget about the $$$ that the pharmaceutical companies are making on the vaccine.
I work in a facility that is forcing employees to get vaccine, or leave work in the case of an outbreak. I have investigated the vaccine and will refuse. When I discussed my decision with my physician he said he had all his family vaccinated.I said:"So you have no worry about the side effects?"
His response: "No ..I didn't say that"
I beleive that the real 'epidemic' now is fear, and the idea(false assumption) that the government(Minisrty of Health) is 'in control'.
How do you spell 'assume'?