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Tuesday, November 14

And so it begins.......

I have been very vocal on my blog against the flu vaccine - and now I don't sound so much like a paranoid conspiracy theory nut; my theories are starting to come true.


I don't care how tiny or miniscule or slight or rare (or any other word they are using to downplay it) the chances are. The fact is they are making it seem like a life or death decision to get the flu shot - when the flu is only dangerous to the elderly. And now the choice they are giving us could be more deadly. The reports say that it is only slightly higher than the risk of getting hit by lightening. And yet - if I know my chances are 1 in a million of getting hit by lightening -- do I run around in an open field with a metal rod in a thunderstorm?? I'd like to know what my chances (my chances - not an 80 year old in a nursing home) are of dying from the flu!

If you were told that by eating something you had 2 in a million chance of dying - would you choose to eat it? Look at the whole "spinach crisis" this past fall -- how many people died? I believe it was 2 or 3 in total. How many people ate spinach?? Probably more than a million. And look at the catastrophic repercussions. Spinach was ripped off the shelf - people were terrified, Spinach is now the hexxed food and no one wants to go near it.

And yet, vaccines are so much worse. Children have died, been paralyzed, deathly ill --- they have been linked to cases of Autism, Alzhiemers and Asthma. And yet they are downplaying the first link to danger that has been proven. Why? Doesn't it seem odd to you? It sounds like one of those movies where the people are trying to cover something up - because the cover up benefits someone with power.

The worst (and scariest part) is that because I am going into a health profession I will be forced to take the flu shot - or risk losing my job. Here in a "free" country - I will be told that I have to put something in my body --- that might kill me. It doesn't make any sense to me. Why aren't they putting more effort into finding cures for things that are deadly or cause more harm than the flu; Cancer, AIDS, Asthma, Autism, Diabetes.........

It's the flu people!! Have some chicken soup and a cup of tea -- take a day or 2 off work--- and suck it up like every other human being has done for years!! The reason the flu knocks us out so bad now is because we are an overworked, stressed out society living on Micky D's and microwave meals. Our immune systems are shocked to the max already -- when the bug hits, we have no defenses. If we would take care of ourselves - eat right, sleep right and relax.....maybe we wouldn't be looking for quick fixes to get better.

Isn't sickness just our body's way of telling us to slow down anyways??



vicki said...

Very good points,Hon...and wow! something that you and I totally agree on!I'm likin' it!
xo Mom

Anonymous said...

I work in health care and find your statement very intelligent.I am offended by my employer trying to force me to do this when hand washing and other precautions have proven to be very effective.There is more information about vaccine risks at Vaccine Risk Awareness Network

Anonymous said...

ok, so then why do we vaccinate our children for measles, mumps, rubella, etc, etc without even giving it a second thought, but flu shots and chicken poxs shots are becoming such a big crisis to people. Unfortuately in todays world people have chosen to abuse taking their drugs and we now have super bugs out there that don't respond to the same drugs. I can't tell you the number of children that i know who have been DEATHLY ill with chicken pox and i know someone who died from it. It's unfortuate but these flus and diseases just aren't affecting us the way they use to. so are immunizations the same idea to you? those diseases could be life threatening or not, depends on how it affects you. just wondering what your thoughts are. and i stand on the fence when it comes to the flu shot. i always feel like i just don't know or who to believe anymore about these subjects. i think that it all comes down to you have to do what you think is right for you and your loved ones and respect everyone else's decisions. no, offence, i just wonder what your thoughts are on this. like i say, sometimes i don't even know what i think.