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Wednesday, January 10

One stitch and a bunkbed.....

To quote Hillary today; "And this is normal???"

And my response; "No, this is Garnet. This is OCD."

One stitch. He saw one freaken stitch coming out of the seat of the PT. IT's a brand new car and one stitch was loose. The horrors! He booked an immediate appointment to have the whole seat cover replaced.

(Yes, they are still allowing him into the dealership. Shocking, I know. However, there are probably a few employees who run like mad to find somewhere to hide when they see him coming.)

That was a month ago. The PT was back in today for another appointment because in the process of replacing the seat cover - they broke the plastic sides of the seat. Oh, and the seat cover was wrinkly. As in wrinkled. As in not perfect. As in "Oh my God these people are useless! They can't put on a seat cover like the robots do in the plants!"

Can you feel his pain? I know I do.

So while I was in school today, and the car was in the dealership - Garnet had a day off and no car. Complete recipe for distaster. Why? You ask? He had no errands to run, no computer to fix, no car to wash.....so he started looking at bunkbeds. Yes, bunkbeds. Tim has wanted Bunkbeds for a while, he has a really cool loft bed with a slide on the side and a fort underneath. But Tim and Garnet figure that he needs bunkbeds now that he is older.

Now, on a side note let me explain a little about OCD. Once something is in their head they can't physically get it out of their head until it is finished. He will drive to Ohio to get a dog, drive to Sudbury for a washing machine part for my mom, he will call 50 different stores, in 50 different cities to find what he needs. He can't eat supper, can't talk about anything else, can't take a piss -- until it is accomplished.

This is Garnet.

Garnet is on his way home from Hamilton tonight. Yes, Hamilton. A 3 hour drive, to make it just before closing, to get the bunkbeds. Sarnia didn't stock them, London was out of stock -- and waiting 4 weeks for delivery would have been utter torture. After 50 phone calls, learning every bed salespersons name, hours of internet research. He got Tim his bunkbeds.

Sigh. I love him.

p.s. anyone need a cool bed?


code said...

As much as I'd love to have a slide and a fort...


I Wonder said...

This post is not even remotely funny...

code said...

I think you got caught... ;)

Jessi said...

oh honey, you think it's hilarious....admit it.

jerry - he knew it was coming,
while he was getting ready to go get them last night i said; 'oh, i am SO blogging this -- i need an outlet!'

code said...

Blogging numbers among the best of such outlets.

I'm resisting temptation to post some of my OCD stories... from work, from friends, and even from me (everyone is OCD sometimes I think).

vicki said...

Well Hon...a lot different from the old days in the 'Glen when things didnt happen too quickly...or things didn't happen at all.I think you like the pace...;)
Who knew that your literary talent would be so therapeutic!
Pix soon?

Coondog said...
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