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Monday, January 29

Sucked in by the Pressure ;)

So my sister got me hooked on facebook. She let me snoop on hers for one night and I was so intrigued by it she forced me to set up an account. Ok, honestly.....I'm just nosey and couldn't resist finding out what everyone was up to, so she didn't have to twist my arm. It's pretty neat, I like it better than MySpace which seems cluttered and messy on most pages.

Jessica L's Facebook profile

We had a weekend of snow. Tim invited a buddy from school to go sliding (our northern hick term -- tobogganing as the southern people say it, so I'm told ;) And I shovelled the driveway 5 times! Maybe it's because I never did it as a kid - (our driveway was as long as the road we lived on) but I really enjoy getting out there and shovelling. Everyone is telling me to give it to the end of this winter and then we'll see how much I like it. But I don't know, I put MP3 player on loud and have about 4 layers on and it's actually fun. We got Tim his own shovel and he was a great help too.

I have another Garnet story - similar to the bunkbeds. But I'm procrastinating with my school enough just writing this - and it's a long one. Have you ever read the book "If you give a mouse a cookie...."? Let's just say I live with that mouse. We now have a deal: the kitchen is to be done and painted by my birthday. No excuses.

Hope everyone is doing great, I know there are going to be a few more people reading this now, like my long lost school friends that I found on Facebook. But I won't expect anymore comments because most of my readers are lurkers. Just the facts.


vicki said...

Yahoo! about the kitchen...I think...maybe I should wait until we hear 'the rest of the story'...hmmm...what could Garnet have done that would get him into this deal...?!
I know what you mean about shovelling snow on our 'small' driveway...I like to do it too...but the guys are so good at keeping it done that they don't give me the chance...:)
xo lurkin' Mama

code said...

It's fun when the lurkers come out!

Glad to hear your weekend went well. :)

Anonymous said...

I admit I am a lurker. Happy Birthday to your mom. I stop by occasionally to read funny stories about the G dog. BTW I'm off on union leave till March, so you don't have to bring an extra sandwich for me when you drop off Garnet's lunch ;-)

Jessi said...

Thanks for coming clean on the lurking J ... let me know when you're back and i'll bring some extra cookies or something for you;)