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Sunday, February 11

The Grammys

Awards shows bore the hell out of me and I can never watch the whole thing - but I am so happy that the Dixie Chicks kicked ass! 'Not Ready to Make Nice' was my running song for a long time (I have to have angry music to run.....just my thing) and I love that they never backed down for speaking their opinion.
And I'm so happy that John Mayer kicked JT's ass!


Jer said...

So wait, you like to run to "angry music" but you don't like "head banging shit"...

...contradiction! ;)

Jessi said...

not a condradiction at all.....angry music like 'not ready to make nice' is totally different than head banging shit. the lyrics may portray anger - but they are not screaming it and sounding like they are about to hack up a lung while yelling about how much they hate everybody. it's like how alanis made angry music - but it was still easy to listen to......and still sounds like music.
much, much different.

Jer said...


There was a time when I would advocate for metal/punk/hardcore, but it's pretty simple: some like it, some don't. No biggie.

Angry music is a wonderful thing, whether it's something as pretty as Sixpence (yes, they did make some angry songs) or as chaotic as Zao. :)

Coondog said...

I used to like watching the Grammy's for the live music but the last few years, including last night, confirmed that "popular" music does not cut it for me anymore. I have no desire to listen to Mary J Blige or Timberlake or Beyonce or that gangster Aluminum from 10 mile rd. The best act last night was the first five minutes when the Police reunited. Now that's my style!

Jessi said...

you're giving away your age, mike ;)

that's why i was pushing for john mayer - because he's a real musician (not just pop hype) and the dixie chicks cause they totally dissed george w!