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Friday, February 2

The reason for the deadline of my birthday for the kitchen.

In true Garnet style, he decided that we should have an over the range microwave - which he has been trying to convince me of forever. I agree that they are more convenient for a tiny kitchen (which we have) and look really nice. But my problem is starting another project when he has 15 on the go already. (ie; THE KITCHEN) But his argument was that it would only make sense to do while the wall is already ripped apart, the cabinets are already in pieces and before we paint. Which, I have to admit, makes sense. So I agreed - with the condition that he finish the kitchen by my birthday and not start another project in the meantime.

We spent the day putting up the microwave, taking it down, putting it up, taking it down etc, etc, etc. When it was PERFECT (because Garnet would not accept anything but perfection); we turned it on.

tickticktickticktick.....the fan made a noise.

And of course; it was the last microwave in Sarnia.

So the story of Garnet's life he HAD to drive to London that night to get the last one in the London store. We got that one up. Turned it on.


He read my 'don't you dare' face well, because he's living with it. Putting up with it. Understanding that perfection is not always attainable. But he does have to turn it on and off 7 or 8 times when he walks by, just to hear the noise. Just because.

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