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Saturday, February 3

Redefining Romance

On Thursday night Tim was having a sleepover at a friends house, Hillary was out for the evening and Garnet got home from work at 8. Looking forward to an evening alone together I joked with Hillary to make sure she knocked really loud before coming in. When Garnet came home he looked at me with a smug look and said 'You better get changed....into some work clothes. If you want this kitchen done before your birthday - you're going to help!'
And so we spent our romantic night alone up to our elbows in drywall mud, TSP and old wallpaper glue. Sigh, he really knows how to sweep me off my feet.
I am overwhelmed with this feeling of deja vu -- I've been here before. We renovated our condo, and then moved a few months after. Never really enjoying the fruit of our labour. I hope we can enjoy this one a little bit longer.

In the midst of all of it - I asked Garnet if we had all the money in the world -- would he still want to do all of the renovations himself. He responded with music to my ears; "We are building our next one!"


Michelle said...

isn't that funny how that works out? when my kids slept over at their friend's house for the first time, kurt and i went out to a movie, then spent the rest of our time steam cleaning our carpets! LOL. so much easier to get done without the monkeys around!

vicki said...

Well...since you learned all that in 2005, this renovation will go just fine...right?
You made it sound so 'fun and positive' the first time!
99% attitude...
xo Mom

vicki said...

When do we get pictures of the 'progress'?

code said...

Soon I hope. :P

Coondog said...

Say what, that idiot husband of yours did what? Oh Jess, we are going to have to teach him a thing or two at work on how to seize an opportunity when it is before him.

He needs to rethink his priorities!

Coondog said...

Hey Jess, Garnet says he will come help my wife with "her kitchen". Is he doing home services now too?