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Monday, March 19

I survived the fish, but surviving Jason, now that's another story!

Garnet made a wonderful, yummy, decadent Death by Chocolate trifle for a fish fry dinner we were invited to on Sunday. Yes, I said Garnet made it and yes, I said fish fry. Garnet, who can count the number of times he's set foot in our kitchen on one hand, baked a dish. And, I who is deathly allergic to fish -- went to a fish fry. It was a day of milestones.
Gene and his wonderful wife Kim have invited us over before; he loves to fish -- and Garnet loves to eat it! Kim was sweet enough to make a chicken Enchilada dish for me and we enjoyed the company of a few other couples from work. It was a wonderful time -- lots of laughs (what would we do without you J?!)lots of great food, and lots of smelly fish ;)


Jer said...

That is some pretty serious chocolate trifle action. My regards to the chef! :D

vicki said...

Looks yummy! Good for you Garnet! How many time did you measure the layers?

Anonymous said...

in case Jean decides to police my post on his site, I have copied it below to ensure you see it.

Hey Ms. spelling nazi. I checked dictionary.com and can't seem to find the word "kartwheel" any where. Strange, "cart wheel" does appear.
And my finish is always phenomenal.
love buster
which ever you prefer

Trotsky said...

Glad you guys could make it.
Next time I will have a bowl of earplugs at the front door.
Your dessert was delicious....I don't buy for a minute that G-dog whipped that up!