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Sunday, March 25


Spring is here -- and the early confusion of spring-like weather in January this year doesn't seem to have hurt my bulbs too much. This is my first Crocus of the season - I am so happy to start seeing colour! This winter has been a very grey season.

This week I was reminded of the preciousness of life. My friend's Dad passed away after a battle with cancer - just weeks before her wedding. She is one of the strongest people I know -- and it's clear she gets that strength from her mother. Their strength and courage and willingness to keep their head up in light of struggle is truly amazing and admirable. I figured a card would not show how much I love her - during this hard time and always - so I decided that I needed to go and give her a hug. Arriving in the Bay 11 pm Wednesday night I was able to make the wake on Thursday and leave at 6am to come home on Friday. I wish I could have made the funeral, it sounded like it was going to be a real celebration of his life - not just mourning his passing. I am looking forward to her wedding in a few weeks and being able to give her another hug for the happy time in her life.

On a happier note - this same week marked my other friend's new step into motherhood!! Amanda gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Wednesday, named Danica. They both look beautiful and happy -- and I can't wait to meet her little angel. I have been friends with Amanda since we were 4, and although we are so different on so many levels - she is truly one of those lifelong friends that I am blessed to share in each new step.

While we were up north we surprised my Grandma by pulling up her driveway on Thursday morning. She was pleasantly surprised and immediately went to work making an Apple Pie for her big suck (Garnet). When she told Tim she was going to make a special little Apple pie for him he said "No, I would like a Pumpkin Pie." And she said "Ok, sure!" I was shocked by her willingness to give into both of their demands -- but she said it was nothing. She had made a lot of dough and had leftover Pumpkin pie filling in the freezer. I wonder why the enjoy going there so much?? While I was at the wake Grandma called my cousins Bobbi and Nick and told them to bring their Spouses and Babies out -- but didn't tell them that we were there. So we had a great time with them and decided to try to get the Great-Grandkids in a picture to give to Grandma (we've tried before to no avail) These are the best shots that I got; it's a very difficult task to get all three to sit still and look at the camera -- all at the same time.

Give your loved one's a hug today.....and never hold back saying how much you love them. Too often, we fill our lives with things that really have no importance. Life is precious, and much too short.

xo J

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