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Thursday, March 15

March Break Trip #2 c/o Chuck E. Cheese

We went to Chuck E Cheese's with Sandra and her two boys. We had a great time -- it was even better than we expected. Tim LOVED it!!


vicki said...

Wow...is that a sketch, or special effect.?
Looks like a great time!!!

Jessi said...

that's a sketch mom, chuck e. cheese drew us ;)
cute huh?

vicki said...

Well...I'm so impressed...that's one talented mouse...not like the ones up here!

Jer said...

I think it looks like a Photoshop filtered photograph! Maybe Chuck E. is a computer mouse? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, we took the kids on Wed. night and had a blast! i think we might do alicia's birthday there since it's always crappy weather. sorry we missed you guys, would have been fun to catch up.

Jessi said...

awww....that's too bad ang - it would have been great to see you. you'd never know we were neighbours, huh?