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Tuesday, March 13

March Break Trip; Toronto

We met my parents and my brother (and Hillary because we just can't seem to get rid of her) in Toronto on Monday to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame. I also got to see my two beautiful Aunts; Mary and Faunie who are loyal readers of my blog! It was a great time -- and there are some great videos coming. (ie; Dad thinking he's still the 18 year old goalie that he was in 1929)

Hillary even met some hot boyfriends (pictured above)
And because we were walking distance to the CN Tower....we had to check out that too ;)

Josh came back with us to spend the night here. Apparently MSN is more fun when you're at your big sister's? And we met my Parents again on Tuesday for lunch and to drop the overgrown suck....uh I mean Josh off, to head back up North. Lots of car trips -- make for some interesting ways to amuse yourself;

Tim lost another tooth! Which means that the tooth fairy is going broke and starting to wonder -- just how many teeth do kids lose....and can she still afford to be the tooth fairy? The unfairness of the tooth fairy is beginning to surface - when Tim is saying how the she gave him $5.....and his best buddy bragged about getting $10. Hmmmmmm......


Anonymous said...

sepia...mmmm...good idea ;)

vicki said...

It was so good to see you!!!
xoxo Mom and Dad

Jer said...

Is it a good or a bad thing that I do that "my tongue just became my upper lip" thing also? :P

Jessi said...

well, it is a talent many are jealous of -- and only few possess.

i do it to garnet now when we are in a fight......it's real fun.