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Thursday, March 8

One of those Milestones

Tim lost his first tooth last night. We were at a friend's house and he figured that it was ready to come out. After trying to convince me to yank it out -- he gave up. I don't yank. The big bully in my grade one class made fun of me when I lost my first tooth because it was bleeding -- after that I was determined that I would never let them bleed again. So, I would let my teeth hang on forever until they had no choice but to drop out of my mouth.

When we got home and he was getting into bed he said "Make sure Daddy comes in and wakes me up when he comes home -- I want him to pull my tooth out. I want it out before March Break!"

Daddy didn't dissappoint. He yanked that sucker out - and Tim didn't flinch. I don't understand boys - I never will.


Jer said...

Sweeeeeeet. :D

Michelle said...

awesome! that is the very same tooth that kaeden lost last week!! he'll be so happy when he wakes up and see that tim has lost his too :)