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Friday, April 13

Catching up

So our kitchen is back to normal - the cupboards are in and the fridge is back to it's respective outlet. We are going up to North Bay this weekend to my friends Kim's wedding!! I can't wait! I'm sad because our friend Mel was supposed to be coming all the way from New York - but she had some complications and now can't make it :( I didn't think our kitchen would be done in time -- Garnet was trying his hardest to get out of going. "Oh, I should wait and do the grout on the weekend."... "Oh, we are going to come home to this mess, why don't I stay and clean it all up and then you don't have to worry about it when you come back.".... "Oh, I think I'm coming down with viral meningitis, and mononucleosis on the side; hear me coughing?"
He likes Kim - but weddings....yeah, not so much. And, while his efforts were star quality....he is coming.

My Grandma is out of the hospital and we are going to squeeze in a visit with her too! It sounds like she is doing a lot better. I'm so relieved!


Coondog said...

He could fix that crooked tile this weekend......

JOE MAMA said...