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Monday, April 16


Ok, so the title is short and uncreative -- but the story is long and CRAZY so you will totally understand why that is all I could come up with for the title. There is simply no other way to describe the weekend.

We arrived in North Bay at 1:30 am early Saturday morning. At 2:00 Tim started complaining of a tummy ache and saying he felt like he was going to be sick -- on and off until about 3. We brushed him off at first because I thought it was simply exaustion from the car ride and he needed to sleep. At 3 he started complaining about his head, breathing, aching legs....and he was burning up. We decided to bring him into North Bay Emerg -- he was starting to hallucinate and my parents didn't have children's tylenol to bring the fever down. They took his temperature and blood and all the other fun things you do at a hospital and sent us home with a prescription and the details 'he has a bacterial infection'. Based on what the Doctor told us we think that means he has tonsilitis or strep throat because he seemed worried about his throat and glands.

We fell into our beds around 5:45 that morning -- and up bright and early at 7 to a crying in pain 6 year old. The great thing about a small northern town (and by great I mean totally stupid and inconvenient!) is that NOTHING is open during the night. The hospital told us that Shoppers Drug Mart opened at 8 the next morning -- right as soon as Tim would be ready for his next dose of Tylenol. So I managed to change out of pj's (though it as very convincing to leave them on) and grab a coffee and was sitting in the SDM parking lot a 7:45.....to read the sign that said they don't open until 9!!!!

I ran over to the Grocery Store across the street - and found the store open but all the meds locked up behind the cage until 9....I was ready to blow. I went up to the counter, on the verge of tears - I could feeel my eyeballs bulging out of their sockets from utter exaustion and frustration. My hair was a complete mess from 6 hours in the car, 3 hours in the hospital and 1 hour of sleep......I think I looked like a mad women;

"Is there ANYWHERE in this city where I can buy Children's Tylenol BEFORE 9 o'clock in the morning? ANYWHERE????"

The man behind the counter and a very sweet cashier were amazing. Which I will attribute to their amazing customer service and not their fear of this seriously disturbed woman about to hurt someone for Children's Tylenol. He grabbed a broom, got down on the floor and through sheer genius (and maybe a little fear) reached under the locked cage and knocked the children's tylenol off the shelf and slid it under the cage. I thanked them a million times. "We stop at nothing when it comes to Children!" (although under their breath I'm sure it was more; "We stop at nothing to get the CRAZIES out of our store!")

Of course that meant that I had to return back in an hour (my parents live about 15 minutes outside of the city) to get the prescription filled....but at least he would be relieved of the pain and fever.

I ended up laying down for about an hour (that would bring total sleep time to about 2 hours) before getting ready for Kim's wedding. Garnet and I decided that he would stay with Tim. I could have been nasty and made him come with me -- but I know that Tim wanted one of us there, and that was more important to me. So, yes, Garnet didn't come to the wedding. This means that his count for number of weddings ever attended is still zero. But I asked Hillary to be my date - and she was more than willing. That little sweety scrounged up an old dress that she had left at Mom and Dad's and we stopped quickly on the way in to grab a pair of shoes to wear with it. And she was the best date I could have asked for....not to mention much more beautiful than Garnet ;)

The wedding was beautiful, Kim was beautiful and so relaxed. She broke out in giggles and tears in true Kim style -- but that is what made it so real. After a hesitant 'yes' to one of the questions from the reverand we all laughed, and he said "Kim, it's just a simple question..." and she shot back "Thats a simple question??" And when Dan put her ring on she looked down and did a little 'look at me and my ring' dance....very cute! It was amazing - and I feel blessed to have shared the day with her.

By the time the for the reception I felt like I had been run over by a truck about 4 times. It's a very weird feeling to be up for two days straight. It was a beautiful reception -- Kim made a speech that brought everyone to tears, and then rolling laughter. She is one of the most real and down to earth people you will ever meet! And their first dance was to Adam Sandler's "I Want to Grow Old With You"....so perfect!! My sister had plans that night so I was solo. Luckily, my old friend Trevor was there to fill in as my date. He was hungover from the night before so we made a great pair. I really didn't know anyone else besides Kim and Dan! So Trev and I held up the wall for most of the night cause we didn't get there quick enough to get a seat. I danced with Kim a bit and finally dragged Trevor out for one of the few 'non-country' songs. But I was home and in bed before mid-night and still feeling like the truck was on top of me.

The next day I went out to see Grandma - and spent that 3 hour visit in tears. It is very hard to walk into her quiet house and see her in bed. She's usually there to greet you at the door and make a pie ;) She started crying because Tim couldn't come out and visit....and that set off my flow of overly-exausted, seriously missing her, guilt ridden for not living closer sea of tears. I miss her so much and it's hard to see her in need and not being able to help. I love my Grandma. We got to sit and have a much needed chat, which is probably what I miss the most about living down the road from her in Rutherglen. The best part of my Grandma is her stories -- she loves to talk about a time in her life that I can relate to.....and I can picture her there. That is probably why I love this picture of her the most. She's in her late teens early twenties and you can almost hear her laugh;

I'm tired.


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"Wow." is definitely the best title for this post. Well writ and relayed. :)

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UPDATE ur just as bad as hill!!!