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Tuesday, May 1

Goodbye Hillary!

Hillary has lived with us since August while she's been doing her placement in Sarnia. The time has come for her to move on and finish school and become a grown up -- or something like that. She left on Sunday evening. As much as I teased her about living here and me not being able to run around in my underwear, make out in the kitchen, dance naked -- you know all the things we do on a regular basis around here.....I really miss her!

Hillary and I have a special bond as sisters. In some ways we couldn't be more different -- in others we are eerily similar! I consider her one of my best friends and I feel like we got even closer since we lived together. She even got a long with Garnet this whole time -- which, in my opinion, deserves a gold star. A HUGE gold star.

I love you sweety.

Hillary and Tim spent the afternoon together before she left, while I was working -- he "helped" her pack the car. The Umbrella? Yet another obsession of my freak.

We went out for fries under the bridge and had a fabulous time with Hillary our last evening together :( ......we miss her. Tim is already counting the days until she comes back! He keeps saying "This weekend, right mom?"
Tim keeping the mood high as we said goodbye!

She's pretty special to us!!

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Anonymous said...

great! thanks for making me cry!;)
you know you are pretty special too hon, i don't think i could have chosen better sister - i truly thank God everyday for you! I love you beyond words and am counting down the days too!
Thanks for incredible year! (and the gold star..lol)
love you babe!