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Monday, April 30

The Germs are Gone; no, I'm not talking about Hillary and Garnet.....but they are gone too :(

What started as Tonsilitis - turned into a huge hacking cough and stuffed up head. The poor kid has been sick for 2 weeks! He seems to be on the mend now, although he is still somehow convincing me that he needs 47 popsicles a day!

Now, for this much anticipated update;

We returned to North Bay the following weekend after Kim's wedding because I was overcome with guilt and missing my Grandma. Garnet had also forgotten his suit, which he needed for training this week in Orillia. So, we made the treck up again. The six hours seem to be getting shorter and shorter each time we go......nah, I'm totally lying, but it sounded positive didn't it? I was able to enjoy a few cups of coffee and some great chats and giggles with my Grandma. I cleaned out her winter-yuck gardens --which Tim helped me with by planting the sticks as I ripped them out. Garnet showed his undying devotion and love for her by taking a trip to the dump. Yes, he put garbage bags in the back of the PT people!! (They were quadruple bagged and laid on a shield of styrofoam....but they were inside the car.) He really loves my Grandma :) She even let him win cards once -- but she still kicked butt in the best of three!

Saturday night worked out perfectly; one of my favorite girls in the world was also visiting the Bay and we got to have supper with her clan. Emily, Cam and their adorable boys are a family that we don't get to see very often -- but when I do I feel renewed and refreshed. It is a blessing to have a friend who just gets you. Someone who understands that while life gets hectic and crazy there is always someone there when you need to vent, laugh, cry, hug, scream....and she'll do it right along with me because she's been there too!! The more people I meet in life the more thankful I am for Em. You help keep me grounded and remind me who I am, sweetie.

Because I value the time with Em so much, taking pictures was actually last on my list when I saw her -- but I managed a couple cute ones of little Sebastian;

I can't wait to see you guys again in June!!!

The next day we had a special birthday party for little Princess Dakota. My cousin Bobbi's little girl turned 2!!

We got back home and had more sickness, I caught a less severe version of whatever Tim had. Stuffed up, sneezing, coughing yuckiness. But Tim had it so much worse -- there is nothing worse than hearing those little coughs all night long.

Saturday morning was a quick goodbye to Garnet - he is in Orillia for a week of training. We miss him, and it sounds like he is very busy and tired. I am so proud of him and what he is doing. I can't share a lot of details becuase we are on a public Blog....but I am so proud of him as he follows his dream.

The beautiful weather was once again torture all weekend as I was working and Tim was sick -- and as much as he wanted to run around and enjoy the sun -- he needed his rest. There is not a 6 year old in the world who likes to hear "Lay down and rest!" on a sunny spring day!
Last night we said goodbye to Hillary. She is back to Windsor to finish up school and I miss her. But there will be another post about that -- because I am totally blogged out for tonight -- and there are some funny videos to share of Tim being Tim when we went out for Fries under the Bridge in Classic Sarnia Style to say goodbye to her.
So from a very quiet, dark, lonely house, I will say Goodnight. (Ok, I won't lie -- I am still enjoying the peaceful, quiet alone time)

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Jer said...

I'm commenting lest this informative and thoughtfully composed post go entirely without recognition. ;)

Hope things haven't been too quiet.