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Thursday, May 10

The worst (and most expensive) two seconds of my life....

Within the first few weeks of Hillary owning a car-- I did something very embarrassing and stupid. I never blogged about it because it was so embarrassing and stupid, and I can only make my idocracy public every once in a while. I wasn't ready to make it public -- until now.

Taking a sip of my morning coffee, on my way to drive Tim to school I slipped the Kia into reverse and started creeping backwards. That coffee must have tasted good, because I completely forgot that Hillary's car was parked directly behind me. That yummy coffee ended up being splurted out of my mouth and all over me when I backed right into her car. Yes, right into it. Luckily, there was no damage (except to my ego) because I was going so slowly and I think it was really only the license plates that hit.

Why am I ready to air my stupidity out for the world to see now?

Because I did it again this morning.

Only this time it was backing the PT into our Kia. And this time I was not so lucky about the damage. This time the damage is about $1000-$1500 to get them both fixed. Which in my language right now; One term of my tuition. I have been crying a lot this morning and feeling REALLY stupid. Like, REALLY stupid. So, I'm not ready to really joke about it yet.....(warning for any of you who want to start with me, even though Jay has already informed me that he may have to contact the authorities to get my license suspended and thinks it may be cheaper for Garnet to hire a driver for me.)

I could start trying to justify and tell you how it takes some serious maneuvering to get the PT out of the carport and around the Kia behind it -- without turning too sharply and ramming the front into the side of the house. I could. But really, it doesn't matter now. My head was in a cloud, my foot on the clutch - drifting backwards and trying to fix the mirror and tell Tim that yes, he would be wearing his jacket because no, it was not summer yet.....and CRUNCH.

The most surprising thing yet? Garnet is actually being understanding and supportive!! Maybe he does love me more than the PT......just maybe.

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Anonymous said...

Hugs from Mom..
wish I could be there,Hon!