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Tuesday, May 15

My Private Life

So, I've discovered that my lack of blogging may be coinciding with the fact that I have a lot going on in my life that I can't blog about. Nothing huge -- just private stuff that I don't feel like sharing over the internet. Big decisions being made and life being lived. And I find it hard to write about surface stuff when I feel ike writing about my feelings about other things. Especially because I started this blog with the intention of not having just another narrative 'this is what we did today' kind of blog. But, I think that's what it's been lately.

In some recent news -- I can joke about the cars now. Not that I need to give Garnet's friends permission to have-at-er....because they already have. Gene thought it would be funny to offer to direct me out of the parking lot today when I dropped Garnet's lunch off. Yeah, laugh it up clown! And I even like your music and your girly nature shots.....

I had a great Mother's Day. Seeing as I was only expecting to get the cars repaired and repainted as my gift.....and Garnet's usual line on Mother's Day is "Why do I have to get you anything - you're not my mother." I woke up Sunday morning to this;

All that I had asked for was a little bit of a sleep in -- which I didn't get -- but I am not complaining! They picked out things that I had said in passing that I would like weeks ago sometime in my life (not even for Mother's Day)...... It's a huge step for Garnet to remember my name and where his keys and wallet are everyday -- so for him to remember these little things was very special! And then I got a call from my great friend Nathan (who clearly should not cook and talk on the phone at the same time!!) I thought it was so sweet for him to think of me on Mother's Day as well.

I am blessed, and it's nice to see what I have in a wonderful husband and an amazing son -- no matter what else happens in life. Through it all -- in the end it is our loved ones that keep us sane, grounded and the only things that really matter.


Anonymous said...

Hey how about if you have private stuff to write you just send it to me in an email?

Jessi said...

yes, mr. positive supporter -- calling yesterday to make sure i wasn't going to be on the road.....nice.