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Tuesday, June 12

I still don't think if my Aunts as elderly.....!!

My Aunts visited Detroit and it went a little bad! Is it horrible that I giggled a little when they described one jumping in front of the car and waving her arms and screaming -- cause I could totally picture her!

I'm glad they are ok, those tough Quinn women!! (even if they are a little "knocked up", right Aunt Sue?) Now, be careful!! Just because we have good genes and you still look like you under 40 --- doesn't mean you are!
***UPDATE JULY 2nd****
Their amazing ability to laugh it off ;) I love it!!!!!
(From the reunion that I missed this past weekend )


Anonymous said...

It's ok to giggle...we are all relieved that they are ok...and we have had a few giggles...picturing 'elderly ladies putting up a fight'!
Don't mess with the Quinn girls!
xo Mom

Jer said...

Wow, that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

i never know when you are kidding about stuff...are those women really your aunts?

Jessi said...

yes they are, ang! i'm not kidding at all, it was my aunts and my great aunt......it was really scary, but my family has a great sense of humour. they'll be joking about it in no time.

are you free next week? i'm planning a coffee date with you. it has been ridiculously too long. i miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi, your aunt, my mom! I am so relieved that Aunt Nancy, Auntie Janie and my mom are all okay. I was quite upset when I first heard. All I could think about was what if one of those kids had a gun! I know we can laugh about it now, but for future, if any of you crazy Quinn's run into any more trouble, just give it up. Any materialistic objects are not nearly as important as your life!!!

Michelle said...

wow, that is some crazy stuff! i'm glad that no one was seriously injured, and they found the car and the culprits.

Jessi said...

Hi Lisa!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, big cousin! :)
Yes, we are all so relieved that they are ok -- I said the same thing; "What were they thinking!?" Living in a border town we know - guns are a very likely possibility and it could have been so much worse.
However, I have always admired our Aunts' spunk and am thankful I share the same young genes ;)

Anonymous said...

how come you don't update any more??

Jessi said...

how come you don't leave your name?

i'm sorry, it's coming.... i just needed a break.

the salmon said...

i just watched the video clip. wow! what a news story. sounds like they could have gotten really injured by fighting back.

Anonymous said...

my name is ur lil brother

Anonymous said...

Yes,Hon, as you said on facebook: you have their genes.They cope very well with a sense of humour.
We missed you at the re-union!
xo Mom