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Saturday, July 28


Thursday night I said to Garnet. "Hey honey, do you realize that seven years ago tonight you were throwing me in a pool at 9 months pregnant, trying to get me to go into labour!!"

To which he replied "Wow that's unbelievable...."

"What is? The fact that it's been seven years, or the fact that you could lift me?"

I can't believe it's been 7 years. I know I say this every year -- but 7 just seems so old. Like 7 more years and he's a full blown, back-talking, hormonal teenager. Excuse me a minute as I weep a little.
It was a good day yesterday. I think he enjoyed his Birthday. Although after all the presents he still had to say "It's too bad I didn't get a ceiling fan...." But we'll leave that for his therapist to deal with.

Josh is here visiting, which I think may becoming an annual birthday event. Here are some pictures from yesterday -- we still have a day with the Cameron's and a kid's party on Monday.




Anonymous said...

Wow!!What a day!And what a precious big Little guy!
Happy Birthday #7 Tim!...again.
Did Tim use his camera to take the picture of the Beauty and the Beast?

Anonymous said...

Tim...how basketball?Did you 'swoosh' it?
Gramma Vicki

Jessi said...

the beauty and the beast was with my camera -- just shaky 7 year old hands (that's why it's blurry)

he's loving the basketball net -- his favorite new saying is "nothin' but net" (i taught him that because we all know i am the pro. granny shots and all ;)

Anonymous said...

vids soon?

Trotsky said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!!!
Love Gene and Owen.
Can't wait to camping again.

Anonymous said...

Pix from the other birthday parties coming???