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Friday, August 17

Healthy....and that kind of stuff.

I just finished my Rock Hard Abs Tae-bo video. I can feel a difference after 3 times -- Garnet just laughs and tells me I'm cute.

Since I quit working at the Y and thus quit working out at the Y -- I haven't exactly been the epitome of health. I've been biking to work a little bit, and walking the dog a little bit -- but I know we just haven't been healthy. Garnet tried at the beginning of the new year and lost a little weight -- started eating whole grain bread. And like any other person with a horseshoe up their ass - that was enough for him to lose 20 pounds. But the brown bread isn't enough anymore. And I think the bags of Popcorn and chips, topped with Cake and Ice Cream cancel out the health benefits of Whole Grains pretty quickly, anyways.

So, we start again. It should be a concious decision all the time to be healthy -- not just to lose the extra love handles -- but for the overall health of our bodies. But it just seems like a struggle all the time. I've always said - I wish I could be one of those people that don't like junk food - that can pick an apple over chips and drink their 8 glasses of H2O without a second thought. Oh, and get up at 5 am for their morning jog and NEVER feel tired. But I'm not one of those people. So, it will always be a struggle.

And as always I read DOOCE this morning and she says it exactly like I always want to. While I'm adding to my wishlist; I wish I could write like her too.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Hon!!
It is hard, but when has that ever stopped you from doing what you want?