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Monday, August 13


....this time it was due to being so utterly busy. I can't believe the summer is almost gone! This week Tim is going to Day Camp and I am excite dto catch up on things that get pushed aside when there is a 7 year old complaining of boredom. Although it doesn't seem that we've stopped long enough for him to get bored -- it seems the first day that we have where I can sit and enjoy my coffee (and maybe linger in my PJ's longer than is socially acceptable) I have a little voice in my ear; "MMOOMMMM.....let's DO something!"

On Saturday, the idea to DO something turned into a great idea to bike to the big park in town. We have brought our bikes there to go biking - but we have never biked all the way there. So Tim and I packed our bag full of drinks and headed out. It took us about 45 minutes. (Mostly because of walking across big intersections and over the overpass) but we made it there and were enjoying the paths for a few minutes when Tim took eyes off the path way and lost control long enough to catch the edge of the pavement and go flying down an embarkment/ditch sort of thing. His right armpit caught a tree and stopped him from going anyfurther. When I heard the piercing scream all I could think of was "Oh my God we have to bike all the way back home!!!"

My little trooper shed a few tears, nodded solemnly at the little "that's why you should always watch where you are going!" speech from Mom, and had a few hugs and get better kisses and he was back on the bike, headed home. A few times on the trek home I heard a little whimper and saw him shake it out but other than that - he toughed it out and we made it home to some band-aids.

Even after all that - he's still a bucket of giggles while I'm taking pictures of his batttle wounds. Man, what an awesome kid!

In keeping with the bike theme -- and the messed up Birthday traditions of the Little house; I got a new a bike for Garnet's birthday!!! Notice I didn't say I got a bike for Garnet - for his Birthday. No, because I am the new owner of a beautiful Green and purple sexy baby!!!! Remember how Garnet got a Big screen TV for my birthday? Well, I figured I better get something nice - since his birthday is on Wednesday.

Isn't she beautiful?!?!? I fell in love with the colour and the seat designs....Garnet researched all the specs and they were "good enough" for him to agree to ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's so nice!Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Tim..I got heeby jeebies again when I read how you got hurt.You are so brave!
Hugs and kisses
Gramma Vicki

Jer said...

Sweet bike!