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Tuesday, October 2


So I'm now working 2 jobs. I am extremely lucky that both jobs fit into my schedule and both employers are willing to work around my schedule, my husbands schedule and my need to see my kid and not dump him off to a babysitters. I'm now deciding whether or not to quit Volunteering -- which I love. It's a hard decision to make -- I've been volunteering for almost 2 years now and would hate to give it up. But my new job is doing homecare for the elderly - which is giving me the experience and interaction that I was getting at volunteering as well. And the day I volunteer was one of only 2 days off that Garnet and I could have together on one week. And my need to see him is a little more important!

Just another little excuse why I'm neglecting my blog...

Something I am VERY excited about; My best friend Emily and I having a weekend together with no kids - and no husbands! Hopefully happening later this month. :)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new job,Hon.