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Saturday, September 29

The art of wii.....(a.k.a; the best thing about being the 'parents')

So Garnet and I bought Tim a Wii for Christmas.
Let's see if we can keep it a surprise until Christmas. We have a hard time with that. Like the Christmas that Garnet and I had all our gifts opened by November 30th. It all started with "Ok, but just one." And then, it got ugly.

Garnet and Tim drove all the way to London on Friday while I was at work to buy the wii because a) Garnet likes driving all over the world to buy things, and other things and b) he was afraid that they would be hard to get and wanted to snag one as fast as he could. Yes, Tim went with him -- No, Tim doesn't know what he bought. The cool thing about childhood innocence is that you can tell your child little white lies and they BELIEVE you!!(ie; Daddy is buying a new cable box -- why don't you go watch the movie on the cool Future Shop couch!)

So, OF COURSE, Garnet and I totally ripped the box open that night and had ourselves a wii little time after Tim went to bed. And may it be noted; I totally kicked his ass in boxing and bowling!!! (we won't mention the 7 over par, I guess golf is not my specialty) It was such a huge workout -- we are clearly out of shape -- we were both breathless and begging for drinks of water after the boxing round.

Ok, so I'll admit it; I like the wii. It's probably the only video game that I will ever like. There may just be a lot of little wii times going on over here after dark.....and that has nothing to do with anything dirty, or any sexual innuendos of any kind.


Jer said...

The Wii shines the most when you get parents and grandparents hooked on it. ;)

Have fun!

the salmon said...

well it sounds like "lets go play some wii" would be a much better way to avoid sexual advances than "i've got a headache"

the salmon said...

i totally want a wii...i havent wanted a video game system since Turbo Grafx 16, and that was mostly b/c andrew wanted it...i actually really want a wii for me now.

Jessi said...

you should totally get one amanda....i have never wanted a video game. EVER. and now i can't wait for christmas when we don't have to play it in secrecy!!!