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Thursday, November 29


Tim decided that he didn't want to do Hockey this year (although now he regrets his decision and will most likely be back in next year) So he decided on Beavers. I think he looks so cute in his uniform....he says it's like Daddy going to work. And he is very serious about hanging it up every night when he's done with it!!


Trotsky said...

Way to go Timi...
I love beavers..
Must be a lot less noise around that place right now..??
Seriously though...let us know if you need anything.

Jessi said...

my god gene, you have no idea -- the silence is deafening. i mean, i could actually talk and get a word in edgewise!!

thank you, i will let you know if i need anything...you know it's your fault he's there!! ;)

Jer said...

I'm envisioning an incoming swarm of badges... (wait, do they do badges in Beavers? or is that boyscouts?)