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Monday, April 14

It took 2 years for the kitchen to be finished.........

......and 6 DAYS for this!!!! (I put a little pressure on after the spray paint -- could you tell??)

Garnet and I started ripping it all apart last Tuesday....and stayed up until 4 a.m. Saturday night to do the floor - up at 7:30 to finish it. Everything went so smooth, and Garnet did an amazing job on everything. I am a lucky girl to have such a multi-talented hubby!!
We just need trim and then we can hang the curtains....nmew couch and chair are coming this week!! I love it!!


Michelle said...

looks great! now come do mine :P

Trotsky said...

Looks great!
If you like I can come over and change the lightbulbs?

Anonymous said...

Sooo...what else is new?!